The main applications for leak detection are:

Semiconductor manufacturing systems for integrated circuits, displays, photovoltaic cells,
Insulating glass manufacturing,
Manufacturing of conventional lighting devices or low power units (CCFL, LED ...),
Deposition devices, usually under vacuum: (decorative, reflective, hard magnetic layers,
Production of optical filters,
The manufacture and maintenance of small and large scientific instruments (particle accelerators, spectrometer, etc.)
Manufacturing and testing of spacecraft,
Maintenance of a low temperature distillation under vacuum systems,
The maintenance of reactors needed to develop special materials,
Maintenance of distribution gas systems and control panels,
Maintenance of compressed air distribution systems (average leakage rate of return generates a loss estimated at 30%)
Maintenance of heat exchangers in a power plant,
The stator cooling of the turbo-generator in an electrical plant,
Testing of nuclear fuel rods,
Maintenance of high voltage circuit breakers,
The installation of gas cooking facilities,
The assembly of vehicles: airbag, air conditioning, suspension, fuel injection, fuel supply, fuel tank, exhaust systems, particle filter, air intake, rims, brake, lubrication, hydraulics, cooling system , interior
Inspection and maintenance of airplane fuel tanks ,
Maintenance of cryogenic systems,
Maintenance of polymerization reactors and fermentors,
Maintenance of chemical and petrochemical plants,
The maintenance of water distribution networks, mainly PVC pipes that do not allow the use of acoustic methods,
The maintenance of district heating distribution networks,
The maintenance of wastewater collection networks,
The control of pipeline leaks,
The precise locating of swimming pool leakage (20% of pools leak!)
Control of food or pharmaceutical packaging,
Quality testing of fuel cells,
Leak testing and locating on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps units.

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