Intragastric balloon & flexible pouch leak test

TRACE 902 is a state-of-the-art Helium (He) detector, designed to meet the high productivity testing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and more particularly for testing intragastric balloon and flexible pouch.
902 can detect with accuracy a leak rate up to 5x10-6


  • Manage up to 10 pre-set test cycles
  • Separate settings per cycle
  • Customization of the test chambers to fit different balloon/pouch sizes
  • External sniffing probe to precisely locate the position of the leak
  • Automated monitoring to increase reliability of the system
  • Log file recorder on SD card memory



  • Intragastric balloon
  • Flexible pouch


Technical specifications

Model TRACE 902
Helium sensor SIPD type (Selective Ion Pump Detector)
Sensor sensitivity
2ppm or leak rate of 5x10-6 /sec
System sensitivity Orifices smaller than 15 microns
System cycle time < 1min per balloon/pouch
110-240 Vac | 50-60 Hz | 12 Vdc
Temperature +5°C to +35°C | 41°F to 95°F
Storage temperature -20°C to +50°C | -4°F to 122°F
Relative humidity 90% maximum
Weight 30 kg | 66.14 lbs
Size 800x530x300 mm | 31" x 21" x 12"
Certification CE for all components
Monitoring through touch screen panel


Ordering information

P/N: Equipment
TRACE 902: Intragastric balloon & Flexible Pouch test Helium case
     - 1 x Detector
     - 1 x Carrying case
     - 1 x Instruction manual



Technical document available for download

Datasheet TRACE 902 DataSheet