leak-detection-system-pharmaceutical-packaging-trace900-seriesBlister & Package Tester is the ultimate leak detection system for Pharmaceutical packaging.

The Trace900 is a state-of-the-art helium detector, designed to meet the testing needs of the high production pharmaceutical industry.

The Trace900 operates on the Helium “bombing” principle. This technique allows non-destructive testing on any kind of sealed packages (Blisters, Sachets, Flasks, etc.). Products tested leak free can then be re-introduced in the ongoing production line.

All cycle parameters (Injection pressure, exposure time, vacuum pressure etc.) are adjustable to optimize each test procedure according to the specific product requirement. Test cycles are under full computer control, meaning a single command by the operator initiates the test procedure.

User friendly Touch Screen permits easy and quick changes, but programs are password protected to prevent unauthorized access. A communication interface transfers data from the computer for quality assurance logging and follow-up. Data is stored as Excel compatible file extension.

For a leaking product the Helium introduced into the packaging by the “bombing” process outgases in the test chamber and is detected.
A test profile is captured and displayed on the screen.
Chamber size is defined by customer and tailor made to fit the product to be tested.
Now you can quickly and repeatedly find defects as small as 15µ (microns).
The Operator can inspect the defective product with the Hand Probe to determine the exact location of the leak.