The unique ATEX certified portable hydrogen detector

Be safe while you are working in explosive environment

Trace Industry provides ATEX certified hydrogen leak detector: The Trace101.
Hydrogen Leak Detector Trace 101The Trace101 is a hydrogen tracer gas detector, approved for ATEX Class 1, Div. 1 or Zone 0 operations.
The new portable Trace101 hydrogen leak detector makes the revolutionary Hydrogen Method available for leak testing in the toughest of environments, including explosion-hazard areas.
Finding leaks down to bacteria size, the Trace101 hydrogen leak detector is the ultimate tool for a wide range of demanding applications and uses.
The Trace Industry intrinsically safe Trace101 hydrogen leak detector brings accuracy, flexibility and simplicity into potentially explosive environments.
It meets the ATEX directive for use in Div 1 or zone 0- ATEX Classification Ex ia, IIC T4.

Hydrogen Leak Detector Trace 101Versatile and easy to operate, the Trace101 is designed to withstand rough handling in the field and is easily carried. It has a chargeable Ni-MH battery providing up to four hours of operation.
The new ergonomically designed hand probe allows for fast homing in on suspected leak areas and exact leak location and quantification.
The recommended tracer gas is a low cost standard mixture of 5% hydrogen (H2) and 95% nitrogen (N2), available from major gas worldwide suppliers. This mixture is non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and a renewable natural resource.
Unlike Helium, Hydrogen can be produced « on-site », anywhere and at any time.
No need for storing and handling large cylinders of gas. Combined with a Nitrogen generator, tracer gas mixture is always available.
A simple solution for demanding applications, the Trace101 hydrogen leak detector is the ultimate choice for a wide range of industrial leak detection applications.
For the first time ever, thanks to both decades of agreement issuing from the aviation industry, all industries have access to a safe, accurate and yet simple solutionHydrogen Leak Detector Trace 101 for leak testing of the complete fuel system as well as oxygen supply and fire extinguishing systems, both in production and maintenance.
For the aircraft industry, petrochemical facilities, hydrogen production plants and on oil rigs, the Trace101 hydrogen leak detector is the perfect and affordable tool for locating leaks on all types of valves, joints and other components. Leak testing of hydrogen cooled generators and fuel cells are some other typical production and maintenance applications.