Helium Detector

TRACE 400 is a tracer gas leak detector. It can pinpoint with accuracy a leak rate up to 5x10-6


  • A portable, lightweight, and battery operated detector
  • Easy to transport to remote locations
  • Fast and reliable leak localisation
  • High sensitivity (5.10-6
  • Rugged instrument
  • User friendly and easy to maintain
  • Large LCD screen to facilitate reading



  • Refrigeration unit
  • Chemical and petrochemical reactors
  • Valve
  • Welded assembly
  • Bladder


Technical specifications

Model TRACE 400
Lowest detectable Helium concentration 2ppm (parts per million)
Lowest detectable leak rate
Response time 2 seconds
Warm up time including self-check 3 minutes (approx.)
Battery unit Ni-MH, rechargeable
Battery runtime 4 hours
Battery charger
110-240 Vca | 50-60 Hz
Temperature  +5°C to +35°C | 41°F to 95°F
Relative humidity 90% maximum
Weight (with battery) 2.6 kg | 5.7 lbs
Size 290x170x130 mm


Ordering information

P/N: Equipment
TRACE 400 (Helitest): Portable Helium Leak Detector
     - 1 x Detector
     - 1 x Local probe 
     - 1 x Battery
     - 1 x Battery charger
     - 1 x Carrying case
     - 1 x Carry strap
     - 1 x Set of probe heads
     - 1 x Set of filters
     - 1 x Instruction manual

P/N: Probes and accessories
PH400: Helium probe
CA400: Extension stick
HP400A: Protective sleeve
BA400: Battery
FC400: Capillary leak
CHE400: External battery charger
CHB400: External battery and charger



Technical document available for download

Datasheet TRACE 400 DataSheet